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Boilers based Heating System
More often leading forward Parishram Enterprises has Residential, Commercial or Industrial Boilers which meets the minimum to maximum heating requirements for your system. The boilers for use in various processes or heating applications, can be water heating, central heating, boiler-based power generation, cooking, and sanitation.


Heat Pump based Heating System
As we know when it comes specially to heating systems heat pump can be a much better oprion for reliable heating. Parishram Enterprises holds wide range of Heat Pump based Heating Systems that can be used across various Industrial or Non-Industrial requirements. While selecting Heat pump for your requirement you need to be very accurate and Parishram Enterprises helps you in finding right specifications for your system design.


Solar Water Heating System
Solar Energy is more widely used due to its reliable and low cost outputs, you can kickstart your savings with Parishram Enterprises's very quick guidance for optimizing you energy savings with the help of Solar Water Heating Systems. We care to save Energy and thus strive to produce efficient Reliable Energy based Solution for your customized requirement.


Electric Heating System
Somewhere in the middle of heating operations at your process don't get stuck due to low efficient or high costing systems. At parishram Enterprises your requirement is understood to provide you the best and reliable system that you can trust for all range of Heating Operations. We have driven industrial and residential cost effective system with our standard calculation models to achieve more efficiency in customer's heating operations.



Focusing on quality and timely execution, Parishram delivers customised solar PV solutions – whether rooftop or ground mounted -- at optimal cost within stipulated timelines.
i)Off-grid and grid connected solutions
ii)For industrial and commercial buildings, institutes and public sector undertakings
iii)On a variety of roofs – inclined and curved roofs, elevated structures, car parks, etc

Ground mounted
i)Solutions for ground based solar projects ranging from 100 kW to multiple MW installations.


O & M

Parishram has a dedicated Solar O&M team, helping customers keep their assets productive.
i)Operates and maintains over 4 MW worth of solar projects
ii)Offers flexible annual maintenance contracts.


Balance of plant

Two decades of experience in power plant EPC provides Parishram with strong credentials to take up balance of plant package for large utility scale projects

High capacity water heater with internal flat heating coils:
These kinds of device have storage size upto 20,000 Ltrs. It have hot water tank of 200 to 4000 Ltrs. It consist of z.B.22 m2 heat exchanger surface in 1000 Ltr storage. 100% volume is been utilized and have removable fibre fleece insulation.

High Performance Water Heater with Tube Bundle Heat Exchange and Storage for Steam Operation:
This kind of device has storage capacity size upto 30,000 ltrs. Body of it is made of high quality stainless steel and have hot water tank of capacity 300 to 10000 ltrs. It has external arranged tube bundle heat exchanger with patented mandrel tabulators.


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